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"A goal without a plan is just a wish..." — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Coach-Mentor Match is the confidential online platform that facilitates the matching of qualified coaches and mentors to coachees and mentees.

Our pool of coaches and mentors are members of the Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership (SCMP). Our coaches are all qualified to at least an ILM Level 5 and our mentors are qualified to at least an ILM level 3. Our coaches and mentors also adhere to the EMCC's Code of Ethics. The partnership is a collaboration between public and private sector organisations and we aim to help you reach your full potential by providing high quality coaching and mentoring.

If you're an employee within a partner organisation of SCMP, coaching and mentoring is completely free to all staff at any level.

To find out more about coaching and register as a new coachee, select the More about coaching button. Similarly, to find out more about mentoring and register as a new mentee, select the More about mentoring button below.

The About us button will provide you with more information about the Partnership and EMCC.


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